11 Techniques Entry Position Buy And Sell in Forex Trading

11 techniques entry position Buy and Sell positions in Forex Trading 

In forex Trading there are several techniques of positioning entries that you should know. Trading is not gambling with the origin of guessing the price only, but there are some benchmarks in determining the right time to buy and the right time to sell.

To become a professional trader you must understand the material and undergo the learning process correctly. The purpose of all techniques in forex trading is certainly to minimize the risk and also to get profit or profit. You also need your own flying clock to test those techniques whether accurate or not. Because every trader will need to have his own trading plan. In this article I will describe some techniques commonly used by traders in their forex trading activities

11 techniques entry position Buy and Sell positions in Forex Trading 


1. Trade News 

Trade News is a buy and sell action based on any news published from a country. Most of the news that affects currency movements is economic news. Let's say that the news about the economy in Europe is weakening, then the trader is ready to buy the opponent currency pair from the currency in Europe. In this case you can find the news on the economic calendar or the Forex calendar and also on the news sites in the world.

2. Scalping Trade 

Forex trading process with short term. Scalping technique is a technique of opening and closing entries repeatedly every get profit. Trading with Scalping technique is carried out in a period of minutes or hours only. The usual scalping technique is done by the trader by looking at the smalls time frame, if it gets a profit slightly close the entry, open it again and close again.

3. Daily Trade 

Trading techniques with a daily timeframe. If you want to use this technique you can start analyzing daily high points and daily lows, so you can do a buy or sell position entry on the market. Usually traders with this technique will buy or sell in the morning and will close it at night.

4. Swing Trade 

Swing trade is a technique in which you do the process of selling and buying in, the weekly period. If you want to use this technique you can start to analyze the weekly highest price point is also the weekly lows, so you can decide on a buy or sell position. This technique is commonly used by traders who trade while conducting other businesses, so there is no need to monitor the market movement often

5. Long term Trade 

Next is the long term trading technique. Traders who use long term techniques are those who intend to make an annual term investment. To do this technique you can analyze which price is the lowest arround years and which Price is the most high throughout the year, so you can start determining whether the right time to buy or to sell. If you use this technique you can use a large enough balance with a small lot size to further enhance account durability.

6. Technical Support and Resistance 

This technique is to read the history of market movements in the past. Actually the market moves according to the habit. The price point he once made to climb, the future will rise again at the price, and the price point that once used to go down, it will return down at that price point. Support and resistance is the most basic technique in forex trading market entry that is a reference for other techniques.

7. Follow Trend 

Trading Follow trend is a technique to take a buy or sell position by following the rhythm of the market. If the market is down use a sell entry and if the market is going up the buy action. Follow Trend Trading is a fairly safe technique because it seeks to adjust the movement of the market, but still must be considered and in the analysis when the price will reverse the direction so as not to experience a floating minus.

8. Trading at Martingale 

Martingale is a trading technique against the movement of the market. This technique uses a lot size that gradually rises, the first entry is small, the second entry is larger, the next entry is even greater. This technique aims to gain profit and close losses on subsequent entries. This technique has a considerable risk, so if you want to fight the market in a saturated position or time the market turns directions.

9. Hedging Trade 

Hedging is a technique by taking the position of the opposite entry to the previous entry position. An example if the previous purchase position entry then then then take a sell position. Hedging is divided into two, namely the internal hedghing of one account and one currency pair, and also there is an external hedging is to open the position on the other account. The use of lot in hedging technique is commonly done with larger lot, example of doing a buy action with lot 0.05 and then the market moves down to close the minus do sell hedging with a lot 0.1

10. Retreace Trade 

The next technique that could be the reference for you is to wait for the price at peak height or wait the price until completely in then open the position entry for the direction reversal. What to note in this trading technique is to find the right moment, not until the price is still continuing and does not reverse direction

11. Balance Trade 

Balance trade is a trading technique using multiple accounts and with a maximum lot. Usually this technique is to risk one account until it runs out and maximize profit on other accounts. This type of trading does not need much thinking, but what should be avoided is a market in sideway conditions, because it is possible if using a lot of maximum balance will be at the same time. Thus are 11 techniques in determining the right time to buy or sell in forex trading. Please combine several techniques at once to make it more maximized. For example you read with support levels combined with economic news that published by according to trend of price movement is so. By combining several techniques then you will be more accurate in determining the right time to buy or sell 


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