How to get 1000 subscribers to your YouTube channel

How to get 1000 subscribers to your YouTube channel

In creating a YouTube channel, it's important to be able to get a lot of subscribers. One is to demonstrate the quality of the YouTube channel itself and also to meet the requirements of monetisal Google AdSense submissions. To get the first 1000 subscribers on YouTube channel There are a few things that you need to do. Starting from the determination of the topic or niche up to the video content and also the level of creative. Before I discuss further how to get 1000 suscriber, you must first determine your topic or niche YouTube channel specifically.

Choosing your YouTube channel topic will make it easier for you to determine the marketing target you are aiming for. For a beginner YouTuber it's better to choose 1 topic first until the channel is well-known, let's say you're discussing food, creating a vlog, making a make up tutorial, creating video games or other content. Pick one up to your channel can be known to many people, if you are known to many people. After that you make any video for sure anyone is watching.

How to get 1000 subscribers to your YouTube channel

1. Create unique and engaging videos

 Although all the topic topics are already on YouTube, but you have to try to be unique and different from others. Suppose you make a video games on YouTube, you have to be more funny and more fun in playing games than other YouTubers games. Exunning yourself freely and having a unique style. You have to show that you have an attraction of its own, e.g. from the style of delivery, video editing, playing skills and so on. Then suppose you created a video vlog content, then you should try to have a better video quality, more cinematic video capture than other YouTubers. If you already have a unique uniqueness, it will be easier to get subscribers, because you are judged to have its own appeal.

2. Create more specific video content 

As I discussed above, if you have video content on a more specific topic you can easily attract a specific community to subscribe and watch videos of yours. Let's say you have a cycling hobby, you make a lot of video content about cycling and you join a community or group of cycling, so it will be easier to invite friends of one community to subscribe to the YouTube channel you created. Then let's say you're creating YouTube video content about cooking, if you're making a lot of cooking-specific videos, you'll more easily attract mothers communities to subscribers on your YouTube channel. Create videos on the same topic until your brand image is well developed.

3. Upload video regularly 

How much and how often you upload videos will show your seriousness in the YouTube channel. For a new YouTuber try to upload a 2-day video or a minimum of video uploads 2 times in 1 week. Tell your subscribers about your Jawal uploading videos, so they'll start faithfully waiting for the videos you create. In addition to getting a lot of subscribers, if you upload videos on a regular basis will also accelerate or multiply your number of showtimes.

4. Learn Youtube SEO techniques 

SEO or Search Engine Optimized techniques are a way that your videos are easier to find by people. Determining the correct creation of titles, descriptions, tags and thumbnails will make your channel grow fast. Make a title arrangement according to the wording that people in the search often use. Then in the video description, also explain what video you're making. Use video tags as well as playlists that fit the topic you're discussing in your video, so your videos will be easier to find and will be easy to get subscribers too. You must specify keywords in the title, description and also tags you create. To determine the right keywords you can do some research on Google trend, ubbersugest and also other keyword research site.

5. Upgrading Video Quality 

From Video one to another, try to keep improving. Use better style of delivery than ever, use better editing from previous videos. To value how your video should be improved, you can ask your family, friends, people around you and also those who comment on your videos. If you are getting better at making video, it will be easier for you to get a lot of subscribers

6. Visit and comment on other YouTubers videos 

Try your visit to another channel that will cover the same topic as the channel you made. That way you can have an overview of how your competitors are. In addition, you can also have a good and interesting comment on other people's videos. With your comment, you will be seen by the people who viewed the video and what you are. After that, other people's video visitors will also open your YouTube channel.

7. Hosting a Giveaway 

Delivering an entertainment gift to your YouTube channel is a pretty effective way to boost your subscribers. You can attract people to subscribe and comment then you do the draw against your new subscribers. But you should also be careful in holding a giveaway so that you are not judged as spamming or scamming. Especially in gift giving, give a gift that if it makes sense for your new subscriber.

8. Conduct regular, ongoing promotions 

If you want to get a lot of subscribers, of course you have to introduce the YouTube channel you made to many people. Start from your family, friends, nearby people and also do promotions on social media you have. The more you make the promotion the more people you reach. Also, try to promote a community or group that matches the topic you're discussing in your YouTube video.

Having a lot of subscribers in your YouTube channel is a very important usability. Besides you can meet the requirements to register yourself on Google AdSense, you can also get endorsmen or also can invite advertisers interested in marketing their products to the videos you create. It's not easy to get a lot of subscribers, but nothing is impossible in this world. The hardest thing is to get 1 up to 5000 of your first subscribers, if you've got 5000 subscribers, automatically your video will recommend a lot. Moreover, if you do the above steps routinely, then you can get 100,000 or even 1 million subscribers for you. So this article on how to get a lot of subscribers to your YouTube channel, hopefully can provide benefits and I pray that you all succeed always in building your YouTube channel. Thank you and see you in my other articles.

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