Tips on preparing for financial success in the old days since early

Tips on preparing for financial success in the old days since early 

I hear a lot of people who are old and one of them is a condition that does not have a strong physical but must continue to work in order to live the needs of his life. The difficulty is a regret, why in young times do not make good use of the time to work with the maximum, do not make use of the money for precious things, not even think at all if it will have a difficult old day.

Let's take a look with parents who are now relaxed and not difficult, most of them are entrepreneurs or also a civil servant who get a monthly allowance live. So what about you preparing your old day? Have you started thinking about it now or not? Have started taking special actions for your old days or yet? If you have not then you should prepare immediately, we will not continue to be young, we also will not continue to work like now, our physical gradually weakened, our time is also increasingly limited. In this article I will share a little how to prepare my finances in the old days well.

1. Diligent Save Money

Diligent saving is taught by parents and in school since childhood. But many forget it when someone is growing up. That's because someone has started a lot of needs and wishes. Actually, if someone is able to prioritize their needs well, then this is not a problem. The problem is when someone gets older, they will always follow the trend and riotous. Having fun and forgetting the old days is an improper action that leads to one's regret. Therefore, from now on try to prioritize spending on important things only and leave a small portion of your finances to be saved.

2. Working hard in the youth 

Many parents whose lives have been in their youth are always working with the maximum. Working hard in the youth will make your life better in the old days and no regrets. Many parents want to go back to the youth just because sorry why at their young times they are happy their chance. If we are young and have a strong physique, it does not hurt if we take a lot of work at once, maybe can by taking a double job or can work overtime. Do not feel because you are young and you are just lazy to relax even cool just sleep and play. Think immediately about what work you immediately take and you are do it, so you will be a little regret in the old days.

3. Diligent investing 

Investing habits will save your old days. Instead of busy shopping for the latest gadgets, the latest model clothes, or alternating motorcycles, it's better if you start to learn to buy a company share, get a home or do a piece of land. That way you will be better prepared for your old day. This investment behavior should indeed be built since young, if a young man who is diligent in investing, usually in his old day he will become wealthy. Learn to see investment opportunities around you, so your finances will be more rewarding than just shooping it.

4. Building a business since young 

The next way to save your old days, is to build a business since the youth. Learn how to entrepreneurship well and also learn to make money independently. Most people do not dare to take the risk and choose to work on a company. But all you need to know, not all companies can guarantee your old days and not all companies will last long throughout your life. Being an entrepreneur is a step to prepare the best old day, suppose you are now 25 know, you build a business with a real, if you are 40 years old you can already be a boss and live the days calmly without having to work on others.

5. Multiply and charity 

This is the thing that someone often forgotten. Charity is a secret saving against God. If you are a frequent charity, of course one moment you will get a wisdom from charity. For example, suppose you give money to the beggar, unknowingly one day you get an unexpected income or money. All that is the result of charity. We must train ourselves to set aside some of the results or money we get for us to share in order to be safe in the old days. So are some things that can save our financial condition on the old days later. When we have thought about it since the youth, it means we are already half the winner. We are ready to welcome the coming of the old day. Old days where we have no more energy, old days where we have to rest calmly.

This article I made to share the advice to you and also to myself. Hopefully it can provide benefits for you. And I pray that all of you can succeed always from now to the old days later. 


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