7 Steps to create Your Own Online Store Without Money

Gobisnis.online – How to create Your Own Online Store Without Money. Many say this business pengen but it is constrained because of the capital a little, or some say hard later should stock goods, afraid of risks and so forth. It's such a business name, there is something instant, must go through the effort and also the process.

There are actually ways to open a business with a small capital, and especially this time in an online business. You can actually utilize the technology well so that it can suppress and overcome the shortage of your capital earlier.

How to create Your Own Online Store Without Money 

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Without capital does not mean you do not spend any money yes. But at least you have a gratitude mobile laptop or computer. Then you also need to buy Internet package and also domain for your online store. A variety of businesses will discuss tips on creating your own online store with a small capital.

 Things to be prepared to open a small online store of your own capital. 

1. Determine the product in your online store. 

Let's be more specific you please think in advance what product you want to sell. Suppose you have a bag, shirt, handphone, or whatever you just set it first. More specific is better, so you will be easily known as a certain type of online store later. Or if you are ready to market a lot of products aka complete also does nothing, anyway also just the capital of the image, only be more difficult in the focus of management

2. Find a big merchant in ecommerce 

The second is looking for a big trader or a big store that provides products that you want to sell. It's pointless to register as a reseller or a dropshiper, so you don't have to buy items in advance. Then discuss also about any form of cooperation with the big traders ranging from the price, delivery system and everything you should discuss that concerns you sell the products of such merchants. Or you can also offer traders you know to market their products in your online store, most certainly want because they also need a profit.

3. Create a Blog or WordPress 

If in this case you want to be a capital you can make a blog or WordPress as a media display gambar2 from a large trader that you have established earlier. Well until here you have started to prepare the form and everything about the online store that you will be establishing.

4. Create or buy an online store template 

let's look your blog or WP easily known as best shop you can buy an online store template. This is important, for the credibility of your blog and also to clarify visitors who come. Many sellers of online store templates that resemble Lazada or Shoope, so you can use the template to display pictures of products that you sell if you use a free template or template for the exact article will not fit, you should have a professional look as an online shop.

5. Buy a domain 

If you want more trustworthy people, you can buy your own domain e.g. the Toeshoe. COM or tokosandal. COM, so you will be more easily known to you as a seller of what. Or you can also use your own name so that sometime you can be famous as a seller of certain products

6. Start Display 

Do display or upload all products that you sell along with specifications and also description price and do not forget the delivery of goods. Make sure everything is detailed and can also be trusted by visitors. In the Payment menu, also provide a distribution menu via ecommerce to make people easily believe with you, because when starting asking for payment to you is certainly not on trust. When there is a deal through your blog, you can create a payment link with Lazada, shoope or another. But do not forget to attach a payment with your own account. This is so you have the future testimonials if you start to pay through you right away.

7. Conducting Promotions 

Once you have your online store, you have to promote it to everyone so they start to know with your online store and also shop at your online store. The most difficult is consistent at this stage of marketing. But if you are consistent in marketing your online store then your online store is known to many people, automatic money will flow by itself.

Over time if you already have a capital you can update your own product, your own store, but when you don't have your own stuff you just have to go to another person's product while promoting your own online store site.

 I think quite an explanation of me is the outline only. And you can study more detail according to your needs and also the target of creating your own online store So on how to create your own online store without capital. Hopefully it can be beneficial for you. 

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