The nature and success of Jack Ma to be exemplary in business  - Exempadani Jack Ma's success story. For now this is who do not know with Jack Ma, the man was born China year 1964 who is Ma Yun This is the founder of the big company Alibaba Group. Surely many people will get to know someone from their success.

Rarely see from how much failure the successful person has experienced. Jack Ma himself was not a big man, he is a former teacher and briefly applied for work everywhere and rejected continuously? Aren't you now a workable job and can work much better than the old Jack Ma condition?

The nature and success of Jack Ma to be exemplary in business

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Surely behind the success of a person there is bitter and weighing sacrifices, because we need to believe together that success is no coincidence. This time the variety of business of going to discuss some traits and also step Jack Ma in the fight this time.

The nature and success of Jack Ma to be exemplary in business 

1. Not easy to give up 

Many stories including Jack Ma himself in a seminar said that he was not a smart person, he said he had applied for a job 30 times and he did not accept. Even the time was once the send apply in KFC among 29 people there is only 1 person who is not accepted and that himself alone. If we pass through the story, it may have given up. But not with Jack Ma, he just kept trying until he finally wander to America to get another job opportunity.

2. Want to keep learning 

Although Jack Ma was born into his underprivileged family, he still tries to learn himself because he cannot get a decent education. In many trusted stories says that Jack Ma in favor of English he always finds tourists in the hotel early in the morning to become a guide for free, and from there he can learn English in everyday life. Many people are great because they want to learn and feel smart. The opposite is that many people fail because they feel smart and ultimately do not want to learn.

3. Keep fighting 

It is known that when he was about to set up the company Alibaba, he called 24 colleagues to discuss the continuation of the business that time he was in, but to 24 his friend instead refused to continue, and he will continue to struggle despite being alone, to be able to convince the people to continue his efforts, and who was thought to be, if the Alibaba is now able to be a

What about us? When everyone around us is less supportive with our business we should be able to refer to them if we deserve, not even give up because they do not get support.

4. High Creativity 

In the story, Jack Ma starts to build his business on the internet since he finds a beer in America and he finds it hard to find his favorite beer and finally decides to make a website that gives all the information about China. From his creativity in seeing his condition and circumstances, Jack Ma was able to set up Alibaba to be as big as it is today. We should also have to see around us not be a weakness, but rather turn them into extraordinary opportunities as Ma does.

5. Visionary 

Jack Ma had always been in mind far ahead. Where his friends are not able to get results and choose to withdraw from forwarding Alibaba, but unlike Jack Ma, he continues to look far ahead because the business that he is running time is a business that takes time and will thrive in the future. And right now the Alibaba company became a big company that has many subsidiaries such as Lazada, Uc Web, Auto Navi, Tao Bao.

Besides the five properties above we can see in every appearance of Jack Ma in every seminar and others. With a smile friendly nature, she is a friendly man. In addition, he is a brave man, albeit a small body but a big guts in business.

Actually the most important whenever we finish reading or hearing a person's success story should we be able to compare it with ourselves. Already the extent to which we stepped. Are we already doing what the success of those people do, if not yet then wajat if we are not successful. It is now as a businessman if he sees a successful business having to emulate or to take lessons behind the person, not only to be amazed and not to make any repairs afterwards.

As for the nature and success of Jack Ma that we can emulate in our lives especially in business and aspire to become a successful businessman.

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